Kids Wanna Know – Why Do We Read The Bible?

Kids Wanna Know: The Rules is a stand-alone lesson that’s part of a collection we created to explore the basics of believing in Jesus. Kids will hear the fundamentals of faith through these questions: What Are the Rules for Following Jesus?
How Can I Hear from God?
What Should I Do When I’m Scared?
What’s So Special About Christmas?
Use these stand-alone lessons one at a time,
or as a multi-part series.


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Series Outline
Kids will learn how the Bible is a solid base on which we can build our lives. They’ll watch a story telling of the story of the wise man and the foolish man, and learn how that applies to their lives.

“Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock,” Matthew 7:24.

Included in your download:
1 – HD Videos for intro and lesson (Previews shown in low-res)
Teaching Script
Small group options

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Video Preview Why do we read the bible?

Series Graphics Why do we read the bible?


Finally–Motions, music & lyrics together.


Baptism, leader training & more.


Building a strong foundation.


Small lessons, BIG impact!


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