Kids Baptism

Have kids in your ministry expressed an interest in being baptized?
Baptism is a really special moment, and kids shouldn’t do it just because they think it might be cool, or because their friends are doing it, or because they like swimming.
This 6:30-minute video clearly explains baptism, sin, how Jesus is the way back to God and what kids can expect when they get baptized. It’s a perfect resource for a small class or a group of kids who are interested in following Jesus and being baptized. Kids see the big picture of God’s plan of salvation and how baptism is a symbol of being forgiven and of following Jesus.

What you get in your digital download:
-HD Baptism Video (HD 720p resolution file .MP4)
*full preview shown in low-res*


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Finally–Motions, music & lyrics together.


Baptism, leader training & more.


Building a strong foundation.


Small lessons, BIG impact!


One-stop solutions for K-5 Kids

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